An updated database of E. coli mRNA promoters with

experimentally identified transcriptional start sites

Ruti Hershberg, Gill Bejerano, Alberto Santos-Zavaleta and Hanah Margalit

PromEC is an updated compilation of E. coli mRNA promoter sequences. It includes documentation on the location of experimentally identified mRNA transcriptional start sites on the E. coli chromosome, as well as the actual sequences in the promoter region. The database is currently updated as of July 2000 and includes 471 entries. [Hershberg R. et. al., reproduced with permission from NAR Online ]

Currently 3 text files are available

Promoter sequences - sequences spanning nucleotides -75 to +25 relative to the transcriptional start sites

transcriptional start sites - list of transcriptional start sites sorted by location on the E. coli chromosome

List of references - Each sequence in the promoter sequences list is assigned a number in the reference list

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